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NA LCS Spring Finals Preview

NA LCS Spring Finals

It is finally here! After three months and over 100 League of Legends games, the finals for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split will take place this Sunday as Team Solo-Mid face off against Cloud 9. Though this season of the LCS has been filled with a large number of surprises, having these two teams meet in the finals is ...

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Is Riot charging too much for Chroma Packs?


League of Legends is responding to fan demand for “recolor” skins by adding “Chroma Packs” to their beta servers. Since their announcement last Monday, Riot has been trickling in these recolor sets to their public beta server, not only to seek out possible bugs, but also to see how fans feel about the content. While for some this is a ...

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NA LCS Semi-Finals Recap: TSM v. Team Impulse


The Semi-Finals for the NA LCS Spring Playoffs concluded on Sunday as defending champions Team Solo-Mid faced off against LCS newcomers, Team Impulse. TSM has long been considered the best team in the North American LCS. Since the league’s creation, there has not been a single finals which the team has not played in. With a roster featuring some of the ...

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NA LCS Semi-Finals Recap: Cloud 9 v. Team Liquid


The NA LCS Semi-Finals kicked off Saturday with a match between second seed Cloud 9 and sixth seed Team Liquid. Though they looked dominating in last week’s match against Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid were huge underdogs in the semi-finals. Cloud 9 is often considered one of the top two teams in the LCS. This season, they had a rocky ...

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Enemy Esports Wins NA Challenger Series

Enemy Esports LoL

For the past two months, six of North America’s best amateur League of Legends teams have been competing against each other in the North American Challenger Series. Last night, the season finished as Enemy Esports defeated TDK in a best-of-five match. With a convincing match score of 3-1 Enemy Esports proved to everyone that they really are the best amateur ...

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NA LCS Spring Playoffs: Semi-Finals Preview

NA LCS Spring Semi-Finals

After a 9-week regular season and a week of quarter-final matches, only four teams remain in the North American League of Legends Championship Series Spring Playoffs. Team Liquid, Team Impulse, Cloud 9, and Team Solo-Mid will all be playing this weekend in hopes of winning their best-of-5 semi-finals match and earning a spot in the finals of the NA LCS ...

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Bard, The Wandering Caretaker is the latest addition to League of Legend’s roster

Bard the Wandering Spirit

Rumors about Riot introducing a new playable character turned into reality when the company revealed their newest champion, Bard, earlier today. A wandering spirit roaming the lands of Runeterra, this champion is designed to be played in a support role but also to be a highly mobile member of the team. Bard’s unique abilities allow him to support his teammates ...

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League of Legends Tournament Removes Restriction on LGBT Players

LoL Tournament

After facing an insane amount of backlash, a League of Legends women-only tournament , called the Iron Solari, has removed its restriction on the number of LGBT players. The e-sports league, Garena Philippines, instated a policy saying that each team could not have more than 1 gay or transgender woman for the entirety of the tournament day. Ironically, Garena said it ...

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