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New ultimate skin for League of Legends Champion!


After an official teaser from Riot Games and a few smaller leaks, all of DJ Sona’s splash arts and videos of her abilities were leaked today on a Chinese website, possibly prompting Riot to make an official announcement earlier then intended. DJ Sona is the new ultimate skin, just like Pulsefire Ezreal and Spirit Guard Udyr. Ultimate skins in League ...

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League of Legends will run smooth as butter in Europe soon

League of Legends Europe network

League of Legends players from Europe won’t be able to complain that they are losing games because of lag in the near future. The folks over at Riot have recently announced that they are working on substantially improving the situation by developing a new cross-continent dedicated network. According to the developer, this plan is aimed at improving connectivity in order to ...

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New League of Legends Nemesis Draft Mode now available to play

League of Legends gets new Nemesis Draft Mode

League of Legends now features a very interesting new game mode called Nemesis Draft Mode. Ever wished you could choose the opposing team’s champions? If so, you’re in luck because this mode allows you to do just that. Nemesis Draft is only available on the Public Beta Environment at the moment, but expect it to go live on all servers as ...

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League of Legends Scholarships Offered in Kentucky

LoL Tournament

League of Legends is definitely one of the biggest MOBA titles out there. Now, players of the game who attend the University of Pikeville in Kentucky may be able to earn scholarships for playing the popular title. A private, liberal arts college, University of Pikeville will be offering “at least 20 scholarships” to League of Legends players. These League of ...

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Secret Ponchos Launch Trailer, Details On Combat


Secret Ponchos was finally available today on PlayStation 4. To celebrate their first release, developers Switchblade Monkeys revealed the launch trailer for Secret Ponchos: The launch trailer features the beautiful character design and the unique, fast action twitchy combat that Secret Ponchos boasts. A western themed competitive online shooter, Secret Ponchos is an unusual entry into the shooter genre. It ...

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Infinity Blade Saga Coming to XBox One


Infinity Blade Saga will be coming to XBox One according to reports out of China earlier this week. Tencent Games, a Chinese investment company that holds nearly half of Epic Games, says that a PlayStation 4 release is a possibility but their focus is currently on XBox One. An XBox One release for the Infinity Blade Saga opens up some ...

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Secret Ponchos Launch Date Confirmed

Secret Ponchos Launch Date Confirmed

Secret Ponchos, the first release by developer Switchblade Monkeys, will be available on PlayStation 4 beginning December 2nd. The Secret Ponchos launch will include five playable characters and a variety of player configurations, game modes and maps. Secret Ponchos is a competitive online shooter set in the wild west that features a top down isometric view which changes the feel ...

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League of Legends New Champion Rek’Sai Unleashed

League of Legends New Champion Rek'Sai Unleashed

League of Legends now has a new champion added to their massive roster. Junglers rejoice! Meet Rek’Sai (or the Void Burrower as she’s also called), an agile and fast jungler who can dart between camps in Riot’s hugely popular MOBA. Rek’Sai can travel underground a-la Bugs Bunny and can deliver attacks from her underground tunnels or escape devastating attacks quickly. ...

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Riot teases the next League of Legends champion in new video


Riot has been very busy lately with developing updates, implementing changes, and continuously trying to find ways of lowering toxicity within the community. In addition, the company somehow found the time to also work on new champions for League of Legends. No, I’m not talking about Kalista, who was released earlier this month. The company is working on a very ...

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