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League of Legends World Championships 2014 – The road so far


With the League of Legends World Championships 2014 final quickly approaching it’s time to look back at the teams that made it so far and who they had to defeat to get here. The event started back in September, with matches in groups A and B being played between September 18th and September 21st while matches in groups C and D took place ...

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Blizzard wants to make World of Warcraft more popular among eSports fans


Electronic Sports, better known as eSports have become very popular in recent years and they’re continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Starcraft 2 have become incredibly popular thanks to the fact that millions of people can watch them and be entertained while doing so. Unfortunately the same can not ...

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League of Legends “naughty players” will not be ranked


According to a recent League of Legends forum feed, players who do not abide by the rules will not be ranked in online queues. The first official policy concerning the offenders of the game was released back in July. Since then, Riot Games has constantly trying to make changes, as many players were cutting corners or disregarding the game’s online ...

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League of Legends Championship gets epic new music video and song composed by Imagine Dragons


The League of Legends World Championships 2014 have begun and fans everywhere are eagerly waiting for the semifinals and grand final, which will be held on October 19th in Seoul, South Korea. But before that, 16 teams will be competing against each other in the group stages and you can watch all the matches here. In order to celebrate this special occasion, ...

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League of Legends undergoing mass texture overhaul


Riot announced a while back that its working on updating the Summoner’s Rift map, but it looks like that was just the first step. Now the company says that many League of Legends Champions will undergo certain changes as well. Don’t worry, Riot isn’t planning on changing any abilities or stats right as the changes they announced recently are merely cosmetic. ...

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Dota 2 vs League of Legends? There’s a mod for that


The glorious PC gaming master race is famous for its modding skills, but somehow there was never a serious attempt at pitting against each other the two biggest MOBAs out there. Well, now at long last a brave soul is confident that he can achieve this feat. There are plenty of rivalries out there: PS4 vs Xbox One, Android vs iOS, Pepsi ...

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ESPN looking to broadcast more esports following the success of The International 4


Following the huge success of Dota 2’s The International 4 tournament ESPN is reportedly looking to broadcast other esports events as well in the future. The network was apparently “delighted” by the high number of viewers they saw, the Daily Dot reports. Sources close to the matter are saying that the company is especially happy with the ratings of a documentary about The ...

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