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LG Isai FL launched in Japan, LG G3 QHD display confirmed


The LG Isai FL is a recently launched smartphone developed in collaboration with Japanese mobile operator KDDI and is only available in Japan. The device is special because it basically gives as a first look at the LG G3 flagship smartphone that will be released later this month. Isai FL features a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440, 538 pixel density panel and is ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: Is a premium version really worth it?


The S5 is already considered to be one of the best smartphones currently available, but rumor has it that an improved called Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is about to hit the market soon. It’s pretty obvious that the premium device will be an upgraded version of the original, but will it be worth buying? That’s the question I keep asking myself ...

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LG G3 new images and specs leaked


There has been a lot of talk about the LG G3 lately, the device will only be released later this month but we already know a great deal about it. Until recently, most of the information we had was based mostly on rumors and a couple of blurry pictures. Two more images have surfaced on the Korean website Seeko which show the ...

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LG G3 will launch on 27th of May – What to expect

LG G3 release date confirmed - LTG

After months filled with rumors and speculations about the LG G3 the  release date finally got revealed by the company. Although a bit late, compared to the competition, LG’s flagship will be revealed on May 27th in New York, San Francisco and London, and on the 28th in Singapore, Seoul and Istanbul. Full details about the G3 are still missing ...

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LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – specs battle


The week has barely started but exciting news about both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the LG G3 has already arrived. This is a great opportunity to put them side by side and compare their possible specs, based on what we know so far. The comparison will be useful considering that the two devices will be among the most ...

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LG G3 first image and specs revealed


After months of LG G3 related leaks and rumors, we finally have something worthwhile to look at. The device is believed to make a first appearance early this summer, however the competition is already here. The LG G3 has quite a lineup of powerful smartphones to go up against once it comes out. Samsung Galaxy S5. HTC One M8, Sony ...

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iPhone 6 rumored to feature a curved display


Although we don’t have an official word from Apple yet regarding the iPhone 6’s design, a number of interesting concept images have surfaced. The latest one, created by Martin Hajek is based on a recent rumor which claims that the new iPhone will feature a curved display along with a curved chassis. Rounded edges are not a novelty in the ...

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Google Nexus for less than $100 rumored to be coming out


The Google Nexus 5 has one of the best price-quality ratios around. While on average current generation smartphones sell for about $500-600 without a contract, the Nexus 5 only costs about 350$. Although it’s not very expensive compared to other devices, $350 is still quite a bit of money for some people. Google has apparently taken this factor into consideration. ...

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LG G3 needs an early release in order to be competitive


Competition can be pretty fierce on the smartphone market these days. With fine products like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 already out it’s seems unlikely that a new contender could arise and challenge them. Unlikely, but not impossible LG seems to think. Rumors regarding the new LG G3 have been flying around for a while now, ...

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LG G3 recent leaks show a new flat UI and confirm rumors

LG G3 UI confirmed

There has been a lot of speculation about LG’s upcoming flagship phone, the G3. There’s a lot of pressure on the Korean manufacturer, as some stiff competition from HTC, Apple and Samsung will force the company to provide an impressive phone in order to stay competitive. This seems to be the case, as everything points towards the LG G3 being ...

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