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Windows Phones need Windows 10 to save them


Windows Phones have been struggling these past few months. Whether or not you own a Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone, you will have noticed the lack of Lumia’s you see out in the wild. The lack of consumers adopting the third option is evident in the latest statistics, which suggest that Microsoft has lost over one million users and is ...

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Install Windows 10 Preview on any Windows 8 Phone


Curious to see the Windows 10 Preview for smartphones on your device? Angry that the preview isn’t officially available for all Windows 8 Phones? The diligent developers over at the XDA Developers forums have found a solution for you, albeit a bit unorthodox. Last week, developers managed to make Windows 10 Preview accessible for all Lumia devices running Windows 8, ...

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Microsoft has begun the Nokia Lumia rebranding process


We all knew it was just a matter of time until Microsoft kills Nokia and it looks like the process has already started. By “killing” I’m just  talking about its name of course because Nokia as a company still exists, although it can’t make phones anymore. So, we won’t be seeing any new Nokia phones anytime soon, but we are still ...

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Windows phone front-panel shows up

windows phone lumia featured

We just found out yesterday that Microsoft was dropping the Nokia name and Windows Phone logo  from its branding, but today comes the bigger rumor: a new Microsoft phone is already underway. A couple of leaked photos have surfaced online showing an alleged front panel of a new Microsoft Phone the company will be announcing. As you can tell from the ...

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Nokia and Windows Phone brands schduled to disappear this Holiday


Soon after Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile division earlier this year rumors saying that the Nokia brand will eventually disappear went rampant. While the Redmond-based company still used the branding for the most recent Lumia devices, it seems that they plan to transition to the new brand in the near future. According to a leaked internal document uncovered by GeekOnGadgets, Microsoft will stop ...

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Choose your smartphone wisely: Galaxy S5 or HTC M8?


The two flagship smartphones of the past months that have gathered a lot of hype around them are the  Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 and all of us are waiting for them to become accessible for our pockets and regions. But when it comes to choosing between the two monsters, things become troublesome and we might encounter some ...

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Reports indicate Microsoft has two new smartphones ready to launch


Microsoft has two new smartphones ready to launch according to The Verge. The site reports that sources have revealed the technology giant has the new devices under development and is preparing to launch them. Microsoft devices chief executive Stephen Elop has already showed off the two smartphones, which will both run Windows Phone 8.1, during internal company meetings. The fact ...

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Windows Phone 8.1 coming to Lumia devices today


The latest update for Microsoft mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1 has begun to roll out today on Lumia devices. Launching alongside the brand new Lumia Cyan update, the operating system will begin arriving on the Nokia smartphones today. You can check when you are going to receive the update by visiting this site. Microsoft has confirmed though that it ...

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