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Producer Mike Gamble doesn’t know what Mass Effect 4 is, jokingly says it’s called Mass Effect IV


While actual news regarding Mass Effect 4 has been very scarce since Gamescom 2014, we can at least be certain that Bioware has not forgotten about the game and is still talking about it from time to time. Producer Mike Gamble has recently mentioned the upcoming title in a Twitter discussion about Dragon Age Inquisition. Believe it not, he almost called the ...

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Mass Effect 4 will be featured in a panel at Honorcon 2014


The next installment in the Mass Effect series is still “years away from launch” according to Bioware, but that doesn’t stop anyone from talking about it. Actually, it’s even more reason to talk about it and perhaps that’s actually what the company wants. In any case, we may hear more about Mass Effect 4 very soon as the game will ...

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Casey Hudson leaves Bioware, development of Mass Effect 4 well underway

Bioware just revealed via Twitter that Casey Hudson is no longer with the company unfortunately. Hudson has been one of the most prominent figures at Bioware since…well…forever. He worked on highly acclaimed titles such as Neverwinter Nights, MDK2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and was the lead developer of the Mass Effect trilogy. Presumably he was supposed to maintain ...

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Mass Effect 4: Bioware reveals some actual details during Comic-Con 2014

Bioware hosted a panel during which they talked about the development of Mass Effect 4 yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 . The company didn’t reveal the actual name or a potential release date, but we did get to hear some other interesting details about the upcoming game. The most important piece of news is the return of the Mako, a military exploration vehicle found in ...

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Bioware working on horror game, more details at Gamescom

Could my eyes be deceiving me? Is Bioware really developing a horror game? Well, it certainly seems like it from the “Nightmare” teaser they just posted on Youtube. The company apparently wants to keep it all under wraps for now and haven’t revealed any further details yet. The video does link to a teaser website but it appears to be offline at ...

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Mass Effect 4 will be featured at Comic-Con 2014 on July 26th

Good news everybody! It appears that Bioware will be hosting a panel dedicated to the development of Mass Effect 4 at Comic-Con 2014. The San Diego convention takes place during July 24-27, which means that we wont have to wait long until the company reveals more about the sequel to one of the best sci-fi trilogies of all time. The ...

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