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Mass Effect: Origins rumors shut down by Bioware studio director


You might have heard by now about the Mass Effect: Origins rumor that made the rounds recently. In case you didn’t, let me summarize the story for you. A couple of days ago, a Brazilian website claimed that the next installation in Bioware’s sci-fi shooter/RPG series will be called Mass Effect: Origins. They also said that reliable sources from GameStop revealed ...

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Mass Effect 4: Trailer rumored to be coming soon


While we wont get to play Mass Effect 4 any time soon, at least we’ll be able to see how it looks. A trailer for the game has been ready for some time now if we are to believe a recent rumor. This is not exactly surprising given that the title has been in development for a while and the latest reports suggest ...

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Mass Effect 4: Things we should and shouldn’t expect


It’s not exactly a secret that Mass Effect 4 is currently one of the most anticipated games of the year. The follow-up to Bioware’s highly acclaimed space-faring trilogy has been the subject of rumors for a long, long time now. This is not surprising given the fact that details regarding the upcoming title have been very scarce until now. This article is ...

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Mass Effect 4 might actually be called Mass Effect: Contact


Update: It appears Studio Director for Bioware Montreal, Yanick Roy heard all the rumors and decided to clarify the situation on Twitter. The next Mass Effect title doesn’t have a name yet, just a working title that may or may not be “Contact”, he didn’t mention. Stay tuned for more updates. WRT name speculations: the next Mass Effect doesn't have a ...

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