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Microsoft and Qualcomm releasing a flagship Lumia device


Microsoft and Qualcomm have announced that they would be working together to make a brand new flagship Lumia smartphone this year. According to the two companies, the new Microsoft Lumia phone will not only run on Windows 10 for phones once it gets launched, but it will also include a Snapdragon 810 CPU in its hardware. That alone warrants a ...

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Microsoft Lumia phones coming to the MWC


Microsoft Lumia phones are supposedly coming to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona starting on March 2nd. The company hasn’t disclosed official information about the alleged Microsoft Lumia phones that are in the works, but rumors say we will be seeing two different phones surface at the show. Allegedly, the new phones will run on the company’s brand new Windows ...

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Leaked images reveal the first Microsoft Lumia Windows phone


The ongoing rumor that Microsoft will drop the Nokia brand from its handset collection has been confirmed two weeks ago by company officials, and came as no surprise to anyone. In a recent turn of events, a few images have leaked on the web, showcasing the first official Microsoft Lumia Windows phone: the RM-1090, which is rumored to be a ...

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Microsoft has begun the Nokia Lumia rebranding process


We all knew it was just a matter of time until Microsoft kills Nokia and it looks like the process has already started. By “killing” I’m just  talking about its name of course because Nokia as a company still exists, although it can’t make phones anymore. So, we won’t be seeing any new Nokia phones anytime soon, but we are still ...

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