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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date bound for April


Microsoft has just unveiled the Microsoft Surface 3, an updated, full Windows 8.1-endowed new convertible, aimed at the affordable market of convertible devices. But that’s not the flagship of the year for the Redmond Giant as rumors about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date keep piling up. Opinions about the Surface 3 are split, some saying that having a ...

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Have We Forgotten About the Kinect?


I keep my Kinect in a drawer.  Why?  I can’t find a use for it; there is no reason for me to plug it into the back of my One.  Aside from my random recording sessions or Netflix binges, my Kinect is pretty much gathering dust.Don’t get me wrong, the Kinect is great for voice commands, but the last time ...

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Windows 10 for phones images leaked again


Windows 10 is slated for a Summer release and Microsoft will most likely coordinate the desktop software release with the mobile operating system one. The Redmond giant has confirmed in the past that it is going to launch multiple flagship smartphones once Windows 10 for phones is out, but there has been no news on that front ever since. Nonetheless, ...

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Microsoft launches affordable Surface 3 convertible, new pens, keyboards


Microsoft has surprised everyone with a fresh new addition to their Surface convertible line-up: the affordable Surface 3 convertible. Most of you are probably most familiar with the Surface Pro 3, which is an expensive, but powerful convertible device from the Redmond giant. Microsoft decided to go the affordable way this time, and launched the new, super-cheap Surface 3, a ...

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Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows Phone spotted in the wild


Microsoft announced a surprising partnership with Xiaomi, starting with enhancing the Xiaomi Mi4 with Microsoft’s own Windows Phone ROM. The partnership means that users who choose to, will be able to flash a Windows Phone ROM onto the Xiaomi Mi4, a feature which will most likely expand to all Android smartphones in the future. Until now, Windows Phone came pre-installed, ...

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Bill Gates predicts massive health crisis at TED

bill-gates-is-worried-about-health-crisis-and preparedness

Bill Gates, the name that comes to mind when thinking about the building blocks of the internet, has issued a scary warning at the Ted conference today. According to the internet giant and one of the richest men on Earth, the world should prepare for the next health crisis. Bill Gates is no expert in medicine, health or diseases, but ...

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Windows 10: free for all, cross-platform and plain wonderful


The Windows 10 release date has been finally confirmed for this Summer by Microsoft, and although we’re extremely excited about the brand new OS. Microsoft is hitting the ball hard this time. Not only did the company announce the Windows 10 release date, but they also let people know that the new OS will not discriminate, whatsoever. Once the OS ...

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Microsoft Lumia 640 pre-order goes live in the UK


Microsoft launched the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL at the MWC 2015 show this week, to pretty positive opinions from journalists and tech enthusiasts. The two mid-range phones aren’t much to look at, but they get pretty neat prices and will be easily upgradable to Windows 10 once the new software is released. Currently, they are still running ...

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Microsoft bringing a slew of new Lumias to the MWC 2015


Microsoft will be a notable presence at the MWC this year, as there are tons of rumors surrounding a supposed new line-up, not to mention Acer already spilling the beans about a Windows 10 mid-ranger it will be bringing to the show. There have been other Lumia phones mentioned in the past, most of which entry-level and mid-range phones, all ...

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