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Fallout Shelter makes it to the top 10 highest grossing apps chart

Fallout Shelter

Just over a week ago, Fallout Shelter was sprung onto the world during Bethesda’s first E3 conference. Essentially a free to play management game with microtransactions where you are the Overseer of your own Vault and manage the every day life of the citizens in your Vault, Fallout Shelter proved to be very popular, especially with Fallout 4 coming out this holiday ...

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Destiny doesn’t allow item trading at launch says Bungie


Bungie recently announced that item trading in Destiny will not be possible when the game launches next month. The company feels that every item in your inventory must be earned and nobody should be able to become powerful without some hard work. This is very bad news in case you have friends that only start playing further along the line and ...

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Destiny will be a 10-year project according to Bungie


With Destiny’s Beta now over, everybody’s counting the days until September 9th when the full game releases. While there have been some complaints regarding explorable locations and mission length, all in all the game is looking pretty solid. Bungie themselves revealed earlier this week that Destiny will not undergo any major changes following the Beta. However, there will be some ...

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New Titanfall update adds Black Market and Burn Card booster packs


Respawn Entertainment announced that the latest Titanfall update will add several new features including the Black Market. Here you can buy Titan Insignias and Burn Card booster packs, but don’t worry, you wont have to spend real money to do so. The update also introduces new in-game currency called Credits, which can be obtained in several ways. This includes winning ...

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European Commission issues new rules for free-to-play games

app store

The European Commission has released its findings into an investigation into in-app purchases that began in February. According to the European Commission games should no longer be advertised as free if they contain any type of microtransaction or in-game purchase. They should also not attempt to exhort children into buying items and adequately inform customers about payment arrangements. Another rule ...

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Free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall launches July 29th


Red 5 Studios will finally launch Firefall on July 29th, more than a year since the game entered open beta. Firefall is a free-to-play MMO shooter only available for PC and playable via Steam once released. Just like many other FTP titles, this one also features microtransactions, although most of these are merely cosmetic or convenience items so this game doesn’t live by ...

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