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Elder Scrolls Online patch1.0.8 change log


A new patch for Elder Scrolls Online has been released by ZeniMax Online, and fans of the game will be happy to hear that it solves a lot of problems. It fixes some issues with the Mac OS X client for the game and it also restores some broken quests that could not be finished under normal circumstances. The fact ...

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Console version of The Elder Scrolls Online possibly delayed


The Elder Scrolls Online might not be coming out on Xbox One and PS4 in june, as many expected. A – now taken down – FAQ by Bethesda noted that the project for the two recently released consoles is suffering a delay of “about six months”, in order to allow the developer time to make the game acceptable for release. ...

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Eve Online turns 11 years old


The popular – yet very hardcore – MMO Eve Online turned 11 years old today.  To mark the momentous occasion, CCP Games sent out to all players a small “token of gratitude”: three in-game drones called Gecko super heavy drones to help players in their online quest. CCP also announced that eight more drones will be unlocked by the community ...

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Eve Online developer CCP shuts down its MMORPG World of Darkness


Sad news arrived today from Eve Online developer CCP Games. The company unfortunately announced that they are abandoning their work on the World of Darkness project. The MMORPG was meant to take place in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe and was being developed with a supernatural theme in mind. Development on World of Darkness started back in 2009 but due ...

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Top 10 Best Free or Paid MMORPGs


MMORPGs are one the most popular video game genres today and have been for a while now. This list is mostly based on personal experience and enjoyment with these titles, but things such as popularity, player base, impact on the genre, economic model and innovation factor were also taken into consideration while compiling the list. I have played all of ...

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Everquest Next Landmark development plan revealed


The business strategy for Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG, EverQuest Next Landmark has been outlined on their forums. While Sony has been struggling with layoffs as of late, its online entertainment business continues to shine, especially given the success of its newest console, the PS4. Dave Georgeson, director of development, defined the five phases of development for SOE’s ambitious new title, as ...

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More Elder Scrolls Online beta invites have been sent out


A new batch of beta invites for the Elder Scrolls Online has been sent out today, and based on all accounts, it’s the largest wave of invites to date. Bethesda is preparing for a comprehensive stress-test of its Elder Scrolls Online servers, and the stress-test will begin on Friday, the 7th of February (starting at 12:00 PM EST) and will ...

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