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Google Wallet expanding with ChowNow partnership


Google Wallet has been relaunched in an attempt from the search engine giant to try and get back in the saddle, a saddle already crowded by Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Google Wallet is Google’s own mobile payment system which functions in a different way than Apple Pay, rather more similarly to Samsung’s alternative. Today, it was announced through a ...

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Disney World is finally accepting Apple Pay and Google Wallet

As promised earlier this year, the Walt Disney World Resort will give visitors the option of making mobile payments with the use of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, as well as with contactless credit cards. The exact date for when the service will become available is December 24th, so just in time for Christmas. If you plan on making a ...

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Apple Pay users double charged by Bank of America

Image: Apple Pay users double charged by Bank of America

Apple Pay has just been launched on Monday, and it seems that just like with Apple Maps and iOS 8, the company is not off to a great start. While most users didn’t report having any issue with the new Apple Pay mobile payment system, Bank of America customers have reported that their accounts were being billed twice for the ...

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PayPal and eBay to end partnership in 2015

We have been used to PayPal working together with eBay for more than a decade, but it seems that the companies will be parting ways starting 2015. eBay has tried to reinforce the idea that PayPal will still be its payment platform this year, but it seems that the auction site will be separating from PayPal nonetheless. eBay hasn’t been ...

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Only Apple Pay can use your iPhone NFC chip

Since the launch of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch, most people were excited to hear that Apple has decided to implement an NFC into their devices so that they may be used in the new Apple Pay platform. An NFC chip was a welcomed addition to the iPhone 6, but it seems that we will not be ...

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Apple Pay is the new NFC mobile payment system

The day has come for Apple’s big announcement event which took place in Cupertino at the Flint Center earlier today. The event was one of the most anticipated ones all year, yet it didn’t offer as much as we would expect. Apple did introduce its NFC mobile payment system, Apple Pay, which in my opinion, is the biggest news of ...

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Bitcoin payments to be enabled by PayPal and Coinbase

PayPal Bitcoin payments have been in the works since the announcement of the OneTouch mobile payment solution a month ago. Today, OneTouch has gone live and any PayPal app user will have access to mobile payments from now on. Paypal will supposedly partner with Coinbase in order to effectively design a platform that will allow the OneTouch mobile payment solution ...

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