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5 Great Windows Phone Games you should have!


The Windows Phone app-market is getting larger and larger and new games are added all the time. Choosing a good game for your device might prove difficult considering the multitude of games available. We would like to aid you in your choosing by offering a list of 5 great Windows Phone games that you might as enjoyable as we did. These ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active: great tech in active people’s hands


Tech gurus were expecting to hear rumors about the next Galaxy S5 Active at any time and now here they are. Last year, Samsung Galaxy S4 was followed by the S4 active, which had exactly the same specifications but it was designed for people who are active and need a less sensitive smartphone on their hands. Therefore, Samsung made it ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold available to all US carriers next week


A press release put out by Samsung today informed that the Gold edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released to all carriers, not just T-Mobile. The press release also mentioned that the exquisite device will be available to more people around the world soon, but May the 30th is the official date for US market. Therefore, the phone will be ...

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Nintendo takes down GBA emulator for iOS GBA4iOS


Those of you who got the GBA4iOS app before today can be considered lucky, because Nintendo sent a DMCA takedown notice to the creator of the software, Riley Testut. He revealed on his Twitter account that the company is threatening with legal action if he doesn’t take it down, so the app seems to be gone for now. For those of ...

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OnePlus One vs HTC One M8 – Will the underdog defeat the legend?


 If you were to choose between these two smartphones, which one would you choose?  OnePlus One has hit the market with very powerful specifications and HTC One (M8) is known to be the almost-perfect smartphone. The price is not yet concrete for OnePlus One, but we definitely know that HTC One stays somewhere around 600-700$, contract free. OnePlus One   – ...

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Graphene made in a kitchen blender leads to transparent devices


No doubt graphene was indeed a miracle material ever since a pair of chemists from Manchester University first manufactured it. They isolated thick layers of carbon by peeling off the sheets from the powdered graphite using sellotape. Earlyer this year Samsung achieved a breakthrough, developing a technique for synthesizing graphene on a large scale. The material of unusual strength and flexibility ...

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Long expected Start Button for Windows 8 comes out in August


The Build developer conference at the beginning of April was quite a surprising one, some might say. At first, Windows 8 has given lots of headaches because of the lack of classic elements users were used to. Like the Start button, which not only disappeared, but it reappeared using the annoying interface of a mobile device, though Microsoft recognized the ...

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