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New Games Added to NES Classic With Hack


The NES Classic shaped up to be one of the hottest selling entertainment items this holiday season. Systems were sold out everywhere, which wasn’t very surprising considering Nintendo’s (rumored) strategy of creating an artificial scarcity with their new releases. The NES Classic is a miniaturized version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System released in the mid 1980’s. Unlike the original ...

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TW: Attila Modding Tools Released

Total War

The Total War series has always had a thriving modding community. Fan made creations have often been relied upon by gamers to fix, or improve upon, various elements of the game. Often used to overhaul features such as the game’s often critiqued buggy AI, agents, and diplomacy systems. Other times creating whole new games with complete overhauls with new maps and units. And so, CA has always attempted ...

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Fable Anniversary will be opened for modding on the PC


Earlier this year Lionhead Studios revealed that Fable Anniversary will be making its way to the PC this September. Now, PC gamers get another piece of good news as the developer told Eurogamer today that the game will receive modding support via the built in Unreal Engine 3 editor. Worth mentioning is the fact that only art and animations will be available ...

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Dota 2 Workshop Tools seem to be running on the Source 2 engine


As most of you probably know already the original Defense of the Ancients started off as just a mod for Warcraft 3. Blizzard’s excellent real-time strategy game had a plethora of community-created mods, but Dota is definitely the most famous by far. It did spawn a brand new genre of games after all. Its successor, Dota 2 managed to become even ...

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