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Happy Birthday Minecraft! Free Skins for Xbox Consoles

According to a press release on Mojang’s site, as of Saturday, Minecraft: 360 edition is officially three years old. To celebrate, Mojang is offering Xbox 360 and Xbox One fans three packs of downloadable skins. So, if you play on either of the consoles, sign in before the 17th of May to download the free content. These packs are available from the ...

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MineCon 2015 Details Announced

Good news for Minecraft fans; Mojang has announced that MineCon, the annual Minecraft convention, will return in 2015. The popular convention used to be held every year, but Mojang skipped last year. Even though Microsoft currently owns the rights to Minecraft, it’s expected that Mojang will still take part. The studio who created Minecraft says that MineCon is the place ...

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Thousands of Minecraft credentials are now out in the open


Our beloved Minecraft, one of the most successful and fast-growing games of the past few years, has been hacked and now an estimated 2,000 credentials have been leaked online. The hack was discovered yesterday when thousands of user names and passwords were uncovered online. It seems that the hack is concentrated around German Minecraft players, but the extent of the ...

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Minecraft Name Change Feature On the Way

Minecraft players will be able to change their names soon

Minecraft has become one of the biggest gaming phenomenon to appear in years. While the game has been around for awhile, there is still no way to change your username. That feature, however, may be coming. On the Minecraft support page, it is mentioned that the ability to change your username is planned for the future. The page then clarifies that Mojang ...

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Minecraft has been released for Windows Phone


Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now available on Windows Phone devices at long last. Pretty much anyone who was aware of Microsoft’s plans to acquire Mojang saw this day coming a mile away. In fact, the main reason for why the tech giant decided to buy the studio has in fact become that much clearer today. Prior to the acquisition, Minecraft was ...

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Mojang reveals when Scrolls will get out of beta

Mojang says Scrolls will be out of beta by the end of November.

Swedish developer Mojang announced that their collectible card game, Scrolls, will be released approximately by the end of November. Scrolls has been in development for over three years, but the developers couldn’t finish it earlier due to their commitments to Minecraft and its community. The game is currently in open beta stage, but Mojang aims for a full release around ...

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Mojang was sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion

mojang-sold-to-microsoft-for-$2.5 billion

Today, the rumors that Microsoft is buying Mojang were confirmed. Both companies released statements in which they announced that the Swedish developer is being sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. According to the same source, the acquisition is expected to close by the end of the year. Mojang explains the reasons for the sale through the fact that they didn’t ...

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Report: Microsoft trying to buy Mojang; Notch “unlikely” to stay

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that Microsoft is in “serious discussions” to purchase Swedish developer Mojang, best known for its sandbox phenomenon – Minecraft. According to “a person with knowledge of the matter”, MS is prepared to pay a whooping $2 billion for the studio, and said deal “could be signed as early as this week”. Further reports coming ...

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Minecraft on PS4 was released today

Sony announced on their blog that Minecraft is being released on the Playstation 4 today. The announcement is a big surprise considering that, initially, Sony rejected the game and its release on this console was delayed. The game is available on the Playstation Store for $19.99. However, those who already purchased the game for Playstation 3 and want the next ...

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