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Wildstar: Carbine discusses new content, lore, features and improvements


We reported a few days ago that Wildstar developer Carbine Studios decided to cancel the Halloween and Christmas events so they can focus on more content updates. Earlier today, the developer went into more details regarding the new content included into the next major update. According to Carbine, this will be the biggest Wildstar update to date and will feature ...

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The Sims 4: First free major update is now live


One whole month has passed since The Sims 4 was launched so it was high time that we saw some new content. Electronic Arts announced earlier today that the first of the three major updates is now live. The update adds new features as well as new content and it’s free for anyone with a copy of The Sims 4. ...

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Bungie confirms rumors about the leaked Destiny DLC


A very interesting rumor surfaced yesterday regarding Destiny and its upcoming DLC. The rumor said that players can already see the new content thanks to a glitch, albeit they can’t do much with it except for reading some descriptions. Nevertheless, information is always useful so we were glad to learn about all the details as they helped us get a better idea ...

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The Elder Scrolls Online preparing for console launch admits layoffs

Elder Scolls Online free to play PC/MAC March 17 2015

An unannounced number of Zenimax Studios employees has been laid off earlier today, the developer announced. All those people were working on the Elder Scrolls Online, but apparently they were no longer needed. Zenimax reminds everyone that this is perfectly normal in the case of most MMOs and ESO is no exception. The studio had to hire a large amount of developers to ...

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