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Nokia and Meizu working on a new MX Supreme phone


Nokia and Meizu are supposedly teaming up for the next behemoth from the Chinese company, dubbed the Meizu MX Supreme. Although these are just rumors, it would be very interesting to see Nokia partner with Meizu for a new smartphone. Meizu’s MX4 and MX4 Pro are leaders in the phablet-market in China while Nokia can boast with excellent quality hardware ...

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Nokia laptop being prepped for a Spring launch (rumor)


It seems that a new Nokia laptop is in the works from the Finnish company, as a leaked photo suggest that the company is trying to infiltrate more markets around the world. Taking advantage of the hype surrounding the Nokia N1 tablet as well as the upcoming Nokia C1, which hasn’t been confirmed yet, the company most likely decided that it ...

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First Nokia Android smartphone surfaces complete with specs

The Nokia C1 will be the company's first Android smartphone

The folks over at Nokia are allegedly developing on a new smartphone despite the fact that they can’t manufacture such products themselves until 2016 due to the Microsoft acquisition. The company already announced a new tablet called Nokia N1, so this is not the first device currently in the works, but it is the first phone. According to recently surfaced information, ...

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Nokia launches its N1 tablet with Lollipop

Nokia launches its N1 tablet with Lollipop

Nokia has launched its new Nokia N1 tablet with Android 5.0 Lollipop today at the Eurasian tech incubator event in Helsinki. While we did think for a while that Nokia would fade into oblivion, it seems the company is getting back on its feet and refocusing its efforts and resources. Nokia’s mobile division was bought by Microsoft and the deal ...

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Lumia 830 vs Xperia Z3 – price, specs and features compared

Lumia 830 vs Xperia Z3 - price, specs and features compared

The Nokia Lumia 830 is one of the more affordable flagships of the year, while the Sony Xperia Z3 is one of the best smartphones of the year. These two are stepping stones in the development of smartphones, both exemplifying how a company can make a pretty high quality, yet affordable handset and a feature-packed, powerful smartphone with great battery ...

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Leaked images reveal the first Microsoft Lumia Windows phone


The ongoing rumor that Microsoft will drop the Nokia brand from its handset collection has been confirmed two weeks ago by company officials, and came as no surprise to anyone. In a recent turn of events, a few images have leaked on the web, showcasing the first official Microsoft Lumia Windows phone: the RM-1090, which is rumored to be a ...

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Nokia HERE maps available for all Android 4.1 and above devices

Nokia HERE is now available for all Android devices running Android and above

We had previously learned that Nokia would be making its famous Nokia HERE maps available for Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, and  an APK that could be installed on most Android running devices was also leaked so Android users have already had the chance to try out Nokia HERE maps on their devices. ...

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Microsoft has begun the Nokia Lumia rebranding process


We all knew it was just a matter of time until Microsoft kills Nokia and it looks like the process has already started. By “killing” I’m just  talking about its name of course because Nokia as a company still exists, although it can’t make phones anymore. So, we won’t be seeing any new Nokia phones anytime soon, but we are still ...

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Here maps is coming to Android

Nokia Here Maps

We have been hearing rumors about the Nokia Here maps being developed in an Android friendly version and thought about how much users will enjoy the navigation app, since it’s considered superior to even Google Maps in many circles. We had heard that Nokia Here was going to be developed specifically for Samsung handsets, but it seems that all Android ...

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