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Nvidia Shield: not a tablet, but a cloud-powered console


The Nvidia Shield “is made to game”, and it’s not a name that is referring to a tablet this time. Nope, it’s referring to Nvidia’s first console, the Nvidia Shield console, and it’s quite impressive and cheap. For $200, you get the newest technology from Nvidia and we’re curious to see how this sizes up next to other consoles like ...

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Acer Chromebook is getting Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor

The very accessible Chromebooks from Acer are now even more attractive because they are now more powerful. Acer has been gearing-up its devices with more powerful processors, adding Intel CPUs to previous models and Nvidia’s Tegra K1 to the latest Chromebook 13 models. The Tegra K1 processor was recently added to Nvidia’s Shield Tablets and, as it turned out to ...

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Latest Nvidia GeForce drivers optimized for Battlefield: Hardline

Nvidia has released the new GeForce 340.43 beta drivers today. These include optimizations for Battlefield: Hardline and the upcoming GRID Autosport and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, both of which will be released for PC on June 24th. Additionally, the drivers also add new SLI profiles and update some of the already existing ones. The following profiles for games and applications have ...

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Half-Life 2 and Portal out now for Nvidia Shield

Nvidia’s portable console, Shield, has been struggling ever since it’s launch, but a couple of games might change the way gamers perceive it. The company received a while back the go ahead from Valve to port Half-Life 2 AND the original Portal to it’s handheld device, and today every Shield user can buy the games and play them no matter ...

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Half-Life 2 is coming to the Android-based Nvidia Shield console

Tech website PC Perspective received a very surprising gift today that teases Half-Life 2 for the Nvidia Shield. The gift comes in the form of a bright green crowbar with the message “What would Gordon do?” engraved on it. A picture was immediately taken and posted on Twitter in order to share the good news. The crowbar was sent by ...

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