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Ubisoft Delays Tom Clancy’s The Division


Back during E3 2013, we were all wooed by the gameplay footage of Tom Clancy’s Division, which boasted an open world in a unique post-apocalypse, along with some of the most impressive visuals on the E3 stage. Since then, there has been little to no word about when in 2015 The Division will be coming out, or any solid details about its ...

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3 Games That Create Engaging Open Worlds


While reading up on a few games earlier today, I got the thought into my head that I’ve gotten to the point in games where I no longer want an open world. The novelty has worn off on me, and I’m sick of playing games with a few interesting areas and miles and miles of content-void land on their map. ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Garbage Day

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_428481609_preview (2)

Today’s Greenlight standout is Garbage Day, an open world sandbox game where you control a man who is stuck in a Groundhog Day-esque timeloop, meaning that he lives the same day over and over. The first thing that came to my mind upon seeing this idea is that there are no consequences for actions. No matter what you do in ...

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Pack Your Bags: Outward – The Adventure Life Sim


Today is one of the rare days where there is more than one fantastic game on Steam Greenlight. While I decided to cover Wildfire for my spotlight, I wanted to be sure to give Outward – The Adventure Life Sim some attention as well. While I’m not typically a fan of these open-world survival type games, I can definitely see ...

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GTA 5 Sells 45 Million Copies

GTA 5 Sales

During an investor’s call, publisher Take-Two interactive revealed that their huge franchise, GTA V, has sold over 45 million copies across all consoles. While this number represents how many copies “sold-in” to retail, 45 million copies is still a gigantic sell represented by their statistics. The game debuted last year for Xbox 360 and PS3, and was more recently released on the ...

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H1Z1 Early Access Date Announced

H1Z1 Release Date Announced

Not much news has been brought out about H1Z1 since earlier this year, but now we finally have an Early Access date! H1Z1 will be available in Early Access on January 15th, 2015! H1Z1 is that open world zombie game you’ve heard barely nothing about! With a release date though, you should be hearing a lot more about it. The ...

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The Crew Review – Fun Run

The Crew Review - Fun Run

The Crew is an odd game. I have found my self enjoying it for a majority of the time, but small issues somewhat kill my experience. The Crew is not a bad game by any means, but it’s also not a revolutionary game that will change racing games forever. While The Crew is host to a rather impressive map size, ...

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The Crew Launch Trailer Released

The Crew Launch Trailer Released

The Crew, a new open world racer from Ubisoft, has just released. To help celebrate the release, Ubisoft has put out a new trailer for the game. In the new trailer (seen below), players get a glimpse of what to expect from The Crew. Players are able to explore a massive open world recreation of the United States. It takes ...

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Far Cry 4 Review – open and beautiful

Far Cry 4 Review

Far Cry 4 is as open as it is beautiful. While it may play and feel somewhat like Far Cry 3, the 4th installment of this series shines bright. With interesting characters, beautiful scenery, a large map, great graphics, and great dialogue, it’s hard to say Far Cry 4 isn’t worth the purchase. While Far Cry 3 was beautiful at ...

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