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LG Unveils Wallpaper OLED Panel


Lg unveils its 55-inch wallpaper OLED panel in Seoul at a media event today.  The new LG product is far thinner compared to its LG Displays existing flagship 55-Inch OLED panel that is 4.3 mm thick.  This new OLED display is a only 0.97 mm thick and weighs in at 1.9 kg.  It can be easily put up on a ...

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Mass Effect 4 will be featured in a panel at Honorcon 2014


The next installment in the Mass Effect series is still “years away from launch” according to Bioware, but that doesn’t stop anyone from talking about it. Actually, it’s even more reason to talk about it and perhaps that’s actually what the company wants. In any case, we may hear more about Mass Effect 4 very soon as the game will ...

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San Diego Comic-Con bans the use of Google Glasses during panels

We keep hearing from time to time that people with Google Glasses are being prohibited from entering certain places while wearing the device. The electronic glasses certainly offer new and interesting possibilities, but it looks like not everyone is all that excited about them. This time around the device was banned from being used during panels at the San Diego Comic-Con ...

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New leaked picture shows iPhone 6’s LCD backlight panel

A new leaked picture shows that the iPhone 6’s panel will be an LCD backlight panel, looking almost exactly the same as the iPhone 5’s one.  It is the first time we hear this information about the 4.7-inch display and we are also impatiently expecting to find out more information about the resolution of the iPhone 6.  Recent rumors have ...

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