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Tyranny Released for PC and Mac


Obsidian Entertainment is a game studio that has been around since 2003, and has had a lot of experience working with different IPs. It has Knights of the Old Republic 2, Fallout New Vegas and South Park: Stick of Truth under its belt. It has also begun working on its own, original worlds since then. Its second to last game ...

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Leviathan DLC Released For Stellaris


Paradox Interactive is well known for supporting their games with DLC long after they have launched. A good example of this is Crusader Kings II. Originally released in 2012, Paradox Interactive released a piece of DLC for it in August of this year. A very well received piece of DLC as well. It was only to be expected that their ...

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Hearts of Iron IV lets you micromanage as Hitler


Paradox Interactive have just unleashed a large amount of information on Hearts of Iron IV, their upcoming history sim. This includes a dev diary, a livestream and new screenshots. Hitler’s handsome mug takes up the centre-piece of the most recent dev diary released on Paradox Interactive’s forum. The most interesting bit of news involves a new “Political Power” system. Players ...

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Pillars of Eternity release date finally revealed after initial delay


Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Games have announced a Pillars of Eternity release date. The Pillars of Eternity release date is slated for March and will accompany a worldwide launch. The announcement was made recently on Paradox Interactive’s official website and it is going to be followed by the release of new “never-before-seen content”. Pillars of Eternity is being developed by the creators of Knights of the Old Republic ...

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