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5 million Gmail passwords were leaked, but Google is protecting the affected accounts


You’ve probably already heard about the iCloud security breach that resulted in a number of nude celebrity photos getting leaked online. Well, it seems that Apple wasn’t the only company to be targeted by hackers lately. Reports saying that many Gmail accounts have also been compromised went rampant these last couple of days. It turns out that about 5 million Gmail passwords ...

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Evolve Alpha has arrived, only NA residents eligible for now


Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games have just announced that Evolve will be entering the Alpha testing phase very soon. Those who wish to participate must meet a few requirements in order to be considered eligible for testing. First off, you must be located in mainland North America. Next, you must own a PC capable of running Evolve (we’ve posted the ...

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Beware of the latest Dota 2 phishing scam


Malwarebytes warns on their blog that a Dota 2 phishing page has been spotted recently. The company is one of the best when it comes to malware threats and often posts security-related news on their blog so they are to be trusted. Furthermore, players have also reported this on the Steam forums these last few days. The page they warn about ...

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