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Microsoft Lumia 1330 spotted in new leaked image

Rumors about the Microsoft Lumia 1330 have circulated for several weeks, but now we finally get to see some tangible evidence as well. The device in question is believed to be the sequel to the Nokia Lumia 1320, which came out about one year ago. Now it looks like Microsoft is preparing to launch the follow-up soon, with an official ...

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Nexus 6 Shamu spotted in new leaked image


The first images of the Nexus 6 have begun surfacing these last couple of days. First, there was an alleged photo showcasing the device next to an LG G3 and now we have another picture featuring its “about phone” page. The image reveals a couple of interesting things such as the fact that the smartphone currently goes by the name ...

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Leaked photo shows the backplate of the iPhone 6

Yesterday’s main event was the discovery of some pictures showing the new iPhone 6 in all its splendor. Still, we couldn’t figure out much about its design. The only thing clear enough to notice and argue was its thickness, which seemed to be visibly smaller compared to its predecessors. Yes, the iPhone 6 is thinner, a bit bigger and, as ...

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