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Mass Effect 4 Details Leaked

Mass Effect 4 Concept Art / Facebook

Game leaker Shinobi602 has done it again. For those who don’t know him, he’s the guy who revealed the release date of The Order: 1886, the reveal of Battlefield: Hardline, and title for the next Halo. Like iDigitalTimes says, “He’s proven time and again to be a reliable source.” What did he do?  He may have unveiled details concerning the new Mass Effect 4. So what ...

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Playstation Release Mad Max Gameplay Footage


Playstation has revealed a video compilation of gameplay footage from their upcoming title Mad Max. By way of introduction they explain: “We are very proud of Mad Max, so we thought the best way to showcase it would be to put together a video. Since the game is massive, both in terms of geography and variety of content, we didn’t think one ...

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Guitar Hero Live: A Brand New Experience

Guitar Hero

Remember how you felt when you first played Guitar Hero?  You felt like a rockstar, right?  The crowd cheering as you aced every riff, the familiar rock songs, even playing side-by-side with your best friend. It was a wonderful, innovative feeling.  However, the weak spin-offs caused the series to lose it’s charm.  Future games were nothing more than clones of their predecessors. ...

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Sony Announces Project Morpheus Release Window

Project Morpheus V2 virtual reality headset

Sony has revealed the released window for the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset. The company’s first foray into VR technology will be available for purchase in the first half of 2016. The electronics giant has also revealed a new iteration of Project Morpheus that features a doubled refresh rate and additional tracking LEDs. This newest iteration of the headset is designed to be ...

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Sony Continues Anniversary PS Vita Sale

PS Vita Birthday Sale

Sony has previously announced an anniversary sale to commemorate the third birthday of the PS Vita. It is currently ongoing and will run until the March 2nd. The PS Vita Birthday sale offers deep discounts on over 30 handheld titles. This celebration of the handheld console also features some content that has been made available free of charge. This includes a ...

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PlayStation Vue Slated for Early 2015 Release

Sony plans to release PlayStation Vue in early 2015

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s attempt at internet TV. While the service was only available to a select group of users who got in through invitation, Sony has announced a release window for the service. It has been announced that PlayStation Vue will release during the first quarter of 2015. The announcement came from Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai at the 2015 ...

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PlayStation Experience Photos

PlayStation Experience Photos

Check out my PlayStation Experience photos as a great way to see what it was like to be in attendance at the first annual PlayStation Experience without actually having to wait in line for two years to get inside. There was a ton of things to see and do at the Playstation Experience. The first day opened up at 10am ...

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The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition unveiled by Sony

PS4 20th anniversary

Sony’s glorified PlayStation console celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday and on that occasion the company revealed a special Anniversary Edition of the PlayStation 4 to mark this historic milestone. From what we know so far, this limited edition of the PlayStation 4 has been reproduced in a small number of units, 12,300 to be more exact, which will be sold ...

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PlayStation Turns 20


Sony PlayStation was released 20 years ago today on December 3rd, 1994. The 20th anniversary of PlayStation does two things to a person: make you feel really old and make you think back on the history of PlayStation and its impact on the gaming world. Many aren’t aware, but PlayStation actually got its start as an addition to the Nintendo ...

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