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HTC Desire Eye vs iPhone 6 Plus


The HTC Desire Eye is officially launched October 8th. It presents strong competition for the iPhone 6 Plus. Having a 5.2 inch screen puts it close to the phablet phones. Although HTC haven’t had a huge market share like Samsung and iPhone, they have consistently put out great smartphones. They were one of the first companies to use Microsoft mobile ...

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How to fix a bent iPhone 6 – Funny, sad or useful?


Do NOT try this at home. Do not try this at work. Don’t try this at all. PeripateticPandas youtube channel uploaded a video on how to fix a bent iPhone 6. The video seems to be shot in Budapest, Hungary. For lack of a better word, the maniac in the clip drills two holes in this new iPhone 6. After ...

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What are the iPhone 6 and 6+ repair costs?


If you’ve bought an iPhone or you are planning to in the near future you’re probably concerned about how much it will cost to repair if it breaks. Videos with the device cracking and bending have gone more viral than hit songs. There have only been 9 reported bent iPhones in the first week.¬†Apple representatives said replacing the phone on ...

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HTC rumored to work on One M8 Plus and Advance


HTC One M8 is already one of the best smartphones on the market, but the company is already thinking about launching a device that features a 2K display. As many other companies launched or are preparing to launch smartphones with 2K resolution displays, HTC follows through and prepares the “Plus” version of the One M8, featuring a QHD screen. Plus, ...

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