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Pre-Load Resident Evil HD Now

pre-load Resident Evil HD so you can play the title as soon as its available on January 20

Pre-Load Resident Evil HD right now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will be available on January 20. With the ability to pre-load Resident Evil HD it will be accessible as soon as it hits 12am Eastern Time. The ability to pre-load Resident Evil HD is also not the first game with that feature, as The Evil Within, ...

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Pre-Load Super Smash Bros Now

Pre-Load Super Smash Bros Now!

Nintendo has revealed that you can pre-load Super Smash Bros., the highly anticipated Wii U exclusive. Pre-loading was first available for PC gamers who were allowed to download game files in advance and access the full game upon a midnight release . This feature had made its way to current generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One this past summer. Now ...

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Pre-order and pre-load upcoming PS4 games list revealed


Sony revealed today a list of upcoming PS4 games that are now available for pre-order and are also eligible for pre-loading. The pre-load feature allows you to download and install the games you pre-order several days before their release date. This means that once a game is unlocked you can jump right in and play it on launch day. The ...

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