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OnePlus One Android Phone Officially Announced


After many months filled with rumors and anticipation, OnePlus finally announced the One, its first Android smartphone. OnePlus struggled a lot to build their first smartphone, encountering obstacles at every step. Their first challenge was to choose the right material for the One, and using stainless steel and aluminum resulted in a smartphone weighing 198g and that was simply unwanted. ...

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iPad mini Retina vs. Nexus 7 (2013) – Price and Specs Battle


If you are looking for a good compact tablet for everyday web-surfing and casual gaming you might want to consider two of the top contenders: the iPad mini with Retina display and the Google Nexus 7. Offering top performance in a compact package, these two fit the bill perfectly. Both of them are well made, high-end devices from respected manufacturers. So which ...

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LG G2 vs Google Nexus 5 – Sibling rivalry


These two smartphones are a bit like step brothers in a way, both of them were created by LG and both of them are among the best top-tier devices around. The similarities go even deeper though, the LG G2 and the Google Nexus 5 are also pretty close when it comes to design and they both run on the Android ...

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HTC One M8 vs HTC One – New vs Old, Top-tier vs Affordable


HTC released an extremely popular and well-built phone last year in the form of the HTC One. It followed up on the model’s success this year, releasing an improved sequel, called the HTC One M8. It’s fresh out of the oven, and while the name certainly didn’t improve, the phone supposedly did. How much so, though? Is the HTC One ...

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