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Project Ara modules introduced, to be revealed at the MWC


Project Ara is one of the most interesting and ambitious projects Google is working on and progress within the project is fast. New module manufacturers are on board with Project Ara, and the modular phone is shaping up to be the smartphone of the future. For all we know, Project Ara could replace the Nexus, Android One and GPe projects ...

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Use a modular smartphone to make a computer


Project Ara is developing fast, but what do you do with the smartphone modules you discard after a while? Just throw them away? Puzzlephone says no, you don’t, because you can use a smartphone module (or more) to create your own computer. The idea behind Google’s Project Ara is to create a modular smartphone that users can equip with their ...

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Project Ara will have its very own version of Google Play Store


Google is well known for going out of their way to offer new and innovative products. One of their more recent ones is a modular concept smartphone that goes by the name of Project Ara. The project is definitely very interesting in theory as it basically allows you to build your own smartphone with the use of various modular components. Now ...

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Project Ara modules will be hot-swappable


Project Ara is one of Google’s more recent projects, with hints to an online viral video depicting “blocks” which make up a phone that you won’t have to throw away when a a part is damaged or when you would like to upgrade certain features. Project Ara has been in the works for quite some time now, with Google working ...

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Google gives Project Ara to developers


Creating customizable modular smartphones is probably Google’s most ambitious and interesting project. Called Project Ara, Google’s attempt to bring modular smartphones to the market is now one step closer to reality, because the tech giant has recently announced its intentions to give Project Ara to developers. Google has already accepted some applications from developers, who are more than interested in ...

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Project Ara – The story so far

Project Ara

The Google I/O provided a lot of new information on a lot of cool projects, like Duet, Tango or Ara. Although Project Ara is still a prototype, we could see it running (at least booting) on the event. Ara was only a concept last year in October but has come a long way since thanks to Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology ...

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Google brings future closer with Project Ara


Google brings future one step closer with its next hardware project. Dubbed Project Ara, the device is a modular smartphone that can be customized by replacing individual pieces, such as the battery or the display. The devices will probably be available next year and it will come in three sizes, from mini to phablet, from a smaller six-module option to ...

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