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Why Contagion’s “Hunted” Mode Has Me Hooked


I’ll admit it. Multiplayer games are not as popular with me as they are with a lot of people. I find it difficult to get enough players together to play most co-op games, and I hate playing competitive multiplayer games because of the anger involved with most communities. There is, however, one game that solves both of those problems for ...

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Guild Wars 2 Tournament to be Held at PAX East 2015

Guild Wars 2 Tournament to be Held at PAX East 2015

Guild Wars 2 is a hit fantasy MMORPG. Those that find themselves pretty decent at the game can participate in a PvP tournament at PAX East next year. At the upcoming PAX East 2015, the Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championship will be held. The winners of the tournaments will take home a piece of a $50,000 prize pool. ...

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Wildstar now allows for free transfers between PvP and PvE realms


Carbine Studios has been hard at work implementing the new Megaservers for Wildstar these last couple of months. The developer even announced that it was cancelling the Halloween and Christmas themed events in order to launch the servers on time, so you can imagine how important they are for the company. Well, Megaservers are finally live and Carbine’s wish of ...

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Wildstar will switch to Megaservers later this week


Last month Carbine Studios announced that Megaservers will be coming to Wildstar in order to replace the regular servers. The developer didn’t say much else since then, but it appears that the transition is just around the corner now. Carbine announced earlier today that all Realms will be brought down on Wednesday, October 15th and the Megaservers will be implemented soon after. This ...

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Tired of waiting for Fallout 4? Try this Fallout MMO in the meantime


While most of us are arguing and speculating about the Fallout 4 announcement, possible release date or even its actual existence, someone out there decided to take the franchise in a whole other direction. Sure, a sequel, prequel or even spin-off would be nice, but what about an MMORPG? Well, a group of modders called No Name Yet Team decided to do just ...

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Guild Wars 2 will get a second Feature pack update


ArenaNet has been on hiatus since April, taking a break from releasing any content. Recently, they have resumed their activity and announced their September Feature Pack, its content still to be announced. Numerous changes have been teased by ArenaNet and for now, the developers seem to be focusing more on the PVP content. As stated by the Guild Wars 2 ...

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The Division was considered for last-gen, but the idea was ultimately dropped


Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently one of the few Ubisoft titles developed exclusively for current gen consoles. However, Massive Entertainment took into consideration the idea of also developing it for last-gen at one point. But the company aims to show us some truly impressive graphics in their upcoming game and apparently the Xbox 360 and PS3 just wouldn’t be able ...

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