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Xbox One vs PS4 – Best new exclusive games

These are the best Xbox One and PS4 2015 exclusives

2016 was a really exciting year for gamers thanks to all the new releases, but this year is expected to be even better for that very same reason. A number of very interesting new titles are set to hit both the Xbox One and the PS4 this year and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Granted, it’s a bit ...

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Quantum Break sells badly on Steam

Quantum Break

Quantum Break hasn’t really had the best time since its release on April 5th of this year. Remedy Entertainment’s latest game was received with mixed opinions from the general public and sales figures were a result of this divisive reception, with the game barely scraping a #7 on the american NPD results for April and failing to reach 200,000 units sold ...

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Quantum Break at Gamescom 2015


For the first time since Quantum Break was unveiled at E3 with a trailer many years ago, some Quantum Break gameplay was unveiled at Microsoft’s briefing at Gamescom 2015. For starters, it is a cover based third person shooter not unlike Gears of War. Unlike Gears of War though, cover isn’t quite as important, though that can probably be attributed to ...

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Why Quantum Break is Xbox One’s Most Ambitious Game


Quantum Break is a time-bending, mind-warping action adventure shooter from Remedy Entertainment, the guys who brought us the first two Max Payne and Alan Wake games. It’s gorgeous and insanely detailed, with a big budget, live action TV series set to debut alongside it when it launches this year. It’s impossibly ambitious. How ambitious? So ambitious than Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy wishes he could ...

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Quantum Break Gets Release Date


Finish game developer Remedy Entertainment is set to release their Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break in the near future. True to Remedy’s track record with previous titles, this ambitious game has teased narrative left and right in an attempt to sell it to gamers as a cinematic experience that will focus heavily on main characters, setting, science, and plot. And ...

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Quantum Break gets an extended demo featuring new gameplay

Quantum Break

Developer Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake has recently unveiled an extended version of Quantum Break’s Gamescom 2014 demo featuring brand-new gameplay. This latest walkthrough includes protagonist Jack Joyce sneaking past Monarch Solutions eyes in order to meet with Quantum Break’s other lead, Beth Wilder, in addition to explaining the story behind Jack’s time-manipulation powers and how his once-best-friend Paul ...

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Remedy Entertainment says Alan Wake 2 might happen when the time is right


Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish developer who brought us the Max Payne series, is considering making Alan Wake 2, according to creative director Sam Lake. Currently, the developer is working on Xbox One exclusive “Quantum Break”, but they stated they’d return to the Alan Wake franchise when the time is right. The first game in the survival horror franchise didn’t do ...

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Gamescom 2014: 10 games we’re eager to see at the event


Gamescom 2014 will open its doors for everyone on Thursday, August 14th, although the event technically kicks off on Wednesday. While not as popular as E3, Gamescom is a very important event for the industry as well and we’re likely to see some juicy reveals this year. We figured a list of 10 anticipated games expected to be featured at the event ...

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