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Rare Replay Review – Victory Lap

When Rare Replay was announced at E3, it immediately became one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year – and for good reason: Rare is one of the most iconic developers in the world of video games. In 1982, Tim and Chris Stamper established Ultimate Play the Game, a small development group that would be reborn as Rare in 1985. ...

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Rare Replay Coming to Xbox One on August 4

Rare Replay was announced during today’s Microsoft E3 conference. Rumors that a collection of Rare games would be coming to Xbox One have been floating around for a while now, and it turns out that the collection is real – and it’ll be coming to Xbox One on August 4, 2015 for $30. Check out the trailer below. If we freeze ...

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Playtonic Games Founded By Rare Veterans

Playtonic Games First Project Teaser

Veterans of the well-known British developer Rare have created their own studio. Playtonic Games was founded by six artists, programmers and designers from the studio that created games, like Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye 007. GamesIndustry.biz has confirmed that the six founding members are Gavin Price, Steven Hurst, Chris Sutherland, Jens Restemeier, Steve Mayles and Mark Stevenson. The new studio’s first title will be ...

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Rare Teases at a “Huge Year”

Rare teases at a big year

Rare, the developer behind titles such as Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, has been developing motion-based games under Microsoft for awhile now. Recently, the sound designer for Rare announced that the company is expecting a big 2015. On Twitter, Robin Beanland, composer and sound designer for Rare, was asked if 2015 would be a great year for the company. ...

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Rare Has New Games In Development

Microsoft has affirmed their continued support for Rare after Microsoft’s recent decision to stop bundling the Kinect with Xbox One. Phil Harrison, Microsoft Studios Europe chief, told Eurogamer that the company has no plans to abnegate the studio. “I’m very happy to go on record to alleviate any of those concerns you might have. We are very fortunate in having ...

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