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Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced!


Following a few days of teaser images, as well as a leaked map of the game’s world in April and Take-Two’s promise that Rockstar had big things in store, Rockstar has finally announced a new entry in the Red Dead franchise, cleverly named “Red Dead Redemption 2,” which they also announced will be released Fall 2017. According to a post on their ...

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Rockstar teases new Red Dead game


Yesterday morning, the official Twitter account of Rockstar Games tweeted a picture of their logo emblazoned over a textured red background well-known as Red Dead Redemption artwork.   With this single wordless tweet, Rockstar has seemingly teased the existence of a new Red Dead game. Following the tweet, Rockstar uploaded a similar image to its Newswire site, as well as changed the ...

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6 Game Sequels That Need To Happen

Game Sequels

There is a serious issue in the games industry with developers releasing countless sequels to games in which sequels aren’t even warranted. It’s a case of corporate greed and lack of originality, and incessant demand from easily-pleased consumers. You see it in the film industry and in even within the music industry too, but I won’t bore you with my bitter rants ...

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Top 5 must-play wild west-themed games

Wild West

Anyone who is even remotely aware of my passion for the wild west genre knows I’m a sucker for any kind of game, film, or book related to these glorious, lawless times set between 1607 and 1912 in the United States of America. From riding across the frontier to organising a good old hunt, drinking until you drop in saloons ...

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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy hits Amazon platforms


If you’ve got an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet or the new Fire TV micro-console, you can now get the three PS2-era Grand Theft Auto games on your device. Rockstar just launched Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas on the Amazon Store at $4.99 a piece. For $15 you can get tens of hours of fun, and ...

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