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Destiny is optimized for Remote Play through PS Vita


Good news for Playstation 4 owners who plan on getting Bungie’s Destiny. The FPS will be optimized for Remote Play so that you can enjoy it even when someone else is using the TV. If you own a Vita and a Playstation 4, you can use the handheld to play at any time. Sid Shuman of Playstation blog announced that, ...

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Sony announces Remote Play for their new Z3 devices


Sony announced that their new Z3 devices (two phones and a tablet) will support PS4 Remote Play. So far, the company has only managed to showcase this feature on a Playstation Vita. The process is as follows. Your Playstation 4 console detects the Z3 phone/tablet through WiFi and unlocks it, letting you play remotely. To do so, you need a ...

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