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Invisibility cloak made possible

invisibility cloak 2

An invisibility cloak as seen in Harry Potter might not be here yet, but there have been certain advancements made in technology that come close to the technology used in X-Men. Not that we can turn ships invisible, yet. The whole concept of an invisibility cloak has become much more tangible compared to when the Harry Potter books were written. ...

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RoboBrain marks the dawn of cloud robotics

3d robotic hand with cloud computing icon on a white background

RoboBrain is the new attempt of artificial intelligence researchers to create a cloud-based database that would help out existing and future robots. In theory, RoboBrain is supposed to be a massive database of all the information robots have been taught so far and offers the possibility of increasing that knowledge as well. The main idea behind RoboBrain is that the ...

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New MMO research reveals that World of Warcraft earned more than $1 billion in 2013


A new report by SuperData Research reveals that Blizzard earned $1,041 billion in revenue from World of Warcraft in 2013. According to the research, WoW was by far the most successful MMORPG last year with a market share of 36%. Several important tiles have switched to free-to-play in recent years, but still earn revenue via microtransactions or other pay-to-win business models ...

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iPhone 5s best selling smartphone in 35 countries


Recently most of the Apple-related news revolved around the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6. It’s no secret that everybody is eagerly anticipating the release of the company’s latest flagship, but we shouldn’t forget about their current devices either. The iPhone 5s for example could be easily overlooked by many given that it was released about 9 months ago already. ...

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