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Sony are disappointed by their mobile sales, will release fewer smartphone models from now on


Sony are no longer happy with their smartphone sales and plan to release fewer models in the near future. The company is currently focused on improving their profits and mobile devices are not exactly helping them with this endeavor unfortunately. The same goes for their TV business as well, which has been struggling quite a bit this year. Sony wants to make both their ...

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New MMO research reveals that World of Warcraft earned more than $1 billion in 2013


A new report by SuperData Research reveals that Blizzard earned $1,041 billion in revenue from World of Warcraft in 2013. According to the research, WoW was by far the most successful MMORPG last year with a market share of 36%. Several important tiles have switched to free-to-play in recent years, but still earn revenue via microtransactions or other pay-to-win business models ...

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GTA 5 already shipped 33 million copies since launch


Take-Two Interactive revealed that GTA 5 has already shipped 33 million copies since its initial launch, up from 32.5 million it registered back in December. The game came out on September 17, 2013 and is infamous for generating $800 million on its release day, and reaching $1 billion after just three days. These figures are very impressive considering that Grand ...

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