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Here is Alien: Isolation’s reviews round-up

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation will officially launch in just two days – October 7th; worldwide – on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Being confident in developer The Creative Assembly’s latest work, publisher SEGA had sent out review-copies and codes beforehand, and here’s what journalists have been saying. We’ll first start with the most positive scores, and ...

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Bungie explains the lack of day-one Destiny reviews


When online reviews or otherwise for a specific title aren’t “up-and-running” on its launch date, it’s usually a bad sign. Most of the time, the title’s publisher fears that journalists will tear it apart because of its potential low-quality, and in return, said game will “drop the ball” when it comes to sales. Of course, there are also exceptions, and ...

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Destiny really begins only after you reach level 20 says Bungie


The most anticipated title of 2014 is almost here and most gamers have already started making preparations for the moment when servers will go live on Tuesday, September 9th at 12:01 AM PDT or 3:01 AM EDT. It’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll be seeing tons of stories about Destiny in the following days, weeks and probably even months. But if ...

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Watch Dogs is already being sold in Brazil


It’s no surprise that players can hardly wait to get their hands on the highly anticipated Watch Dogs. Fortunately, it appears retailers are just as eager to sell the game more than a week before release. Watch Dogs footage for both the Xbox One and PS4 was leaked everywhere these past few days, and even a couple of reviews were ...

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