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Is Riot charging too much for Chroma Packs?


League of Legends is responding to fan demand for “recolor” skins by adding “Chroma Packs” to their beta servers. Since their announcement last Monday, Riot has been trickling in these recolor sets to their public beta server, not only to seek out possible bugs, but also to see how fans feel about the content. While for some this is a ...

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League of Legends New Champion Rek’Sai Unleashed

League of Legends New Champion Rek'Sai Unleashed

League of Legends now has a new champion added to their massive roster. Junglers rejoice! Meet Rek’Sai (or the Void Burrower as she’s also called), an agile and fast jungler who can dart between camps in Riot’s hugely popular MOBA. Rek’Sai can travel underground a-la Bugs Bunny and can deliver attacks from her underground tunnels or escape devastating attacks quickly. ...

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League of Legends patch 4.20 is here, full patch notes revealed


Patch 4.20 – also known as one of the biggest League of Legends updates ever – is now live. This is the first patch of the 2015 preseason and it’s all about “strategic diversity” according to Riot. If you’re thinking this sounds a little vague it’s because it does, but fortunately the company goes on to explain what this actually ...

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Can Heroes of the Storm hope to compete with the other MOBAs?


The Massive Online Battle Arena genre – better known as MOBA – has been around for over a decade now, but only received widespread awareness in the last few years. As you may or may not already know, the game that started it all was the original Defense of the Ancients, aka DotA. The game was created as a mod for Blizzard’s ...

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League of Legends “naughty players” will not be ranked


According to a recent League of Legends forum feed, players who do not abide by the rules will not be ranked in online queues. The first official policy concerning the offenders of the game was released back in July. Since then, Riot Games has constantly trying to make changes, as many players were cutting corners or disregarding the game’s online ...

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League of Legends Championship gets epic new music video and song composed by Imagine Dragons


The League of Legends World Championships 2014 have begun and fans everywhere are eagerly waiting for the semifinals and grand final, which will be held on October 19th in Seoul, South Korea. But before that, 16 teams will be competing against each other in the group stages and you can watch all the matches here. In order to celebrate this special occasion, ...

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