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Lazer Team: Release dates and where to watch

Rooster Teeth’s crowdfunded movie, Lazer Team, has just received a release window (outside of it’s premiere in Austin) as well as a unique, new distributor. In January 2016, you can watch Lazer Team in theaters, and Indiegogo campaign backers will receive their physical and digital versions of the film at the same time. For those ...

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X-Ray and Vav Season 2 review: Long live the King

Long ago, Saturday morning cartoons were a ritual that most might remember fondly; waking up at hours that would normally be reserved for school days to watch your favorite shows, parents, sleep, and breakfast be damned. With the return of Rooster Teeth’s X-Ray and Vav series, that ritual makes a comeback, albeit with an older ...

RWBY: Volume 3 gets a premiere date

Fans of Rooster Teeth’s anime series RWBY can look forward to another season of their favorite show as the third volume has just received a premiere date. On October 24th, 10 A.M. CT, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang will join new fighters from all over Remnant to participate in the Vytal Festival Tournament. This Tournament ...

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Let’s Play Live: The Documentary: The birth of a new era of stars and entertainment legends

Every story has to have a beginning, every character their origin story, every tale its shred of truth. With Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Live, the origin story of the next generation of movie stars and rock bands has been written, and it is only a matter of time before that story is spread. A decade ...

Lazer Team gets a release date

Lazer Team, the first live action movie from Rooster Teeth, has finally got a release date. On Thursday, Septermber 24th, the movie will debut for the first time for the general audience. This puts it not only in front of Star Wars: Episode VII, but also in front of many other AAA game releases such ...

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