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Preview: Starfall Tactics is the Next Big Space RTS


“Create a custom space fleet, lead it into battle and fight for control of the galaxy!” This is the sentence that I first read about Starfall Tactics, and it immediately led to me wanting to know more about the game. Space has always been a fascination of mine, and from space sims to RTS games such as Homeworld, I’ve lost ...

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Hostile Takeover: The Manipulators

walkers final

My research today was rewarded with the discovery of an interesting RTS title that I had not heard of before. The Manipulators is a RTS-stealth hybrid where you control an alien race who uses parasitic powers to manipulate and control the beings of Earth. The game has a strong focus on creating solid AI and implementing a well-designed stealth mechanic. ...

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4 Must Play RTS Classics


Real-Time Strategy games, or RTS, have been around for ages. From the classics such as Age of Empires, to the present-day titles such as Starcraft 2 and Grey Goo, they have always been a source of countless hours of entertainment for those of us who were interested in strategy gameplay. I personally began playing RTS at a very young age, ...

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Homeworld Remastered to Release in February


Fresh out of PAX South, Gearbox has announced an HD remake Relic’s classic RTS game, Homeworld. Set to release on February 25th, Homeworld Remastered will include the original Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2, along with the remade versions set to include  new recordings from the voice cast, remade cinematics, a remastered score, new models, new textures, new special effects, along with support for HD, UHD, ...

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Etherium Gameplay Video Released

Etherium receives a brand new gameplay trailer

Etherium is a new RTS title from development studio Tindalos Interactive. Ahead of the game’s early 2015 release, the studio put out a gameplay video showcasing the world of Etherium. With development coming to a close, a gameplay trailer for Etherium has been released. The trailer, seen below, gives a look at how the game will play, as well as some ...

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Close Castles Will be at the PlayStation Experience

Close Castles Will be at the PlayStation Experience

Close Castles is an upcoming RTS indie title coming out next year. Sony fans will not have to wait until then to try the game out as the title will be at this year’s PlayStation Experience. On the PlayStation Blog, game developer Asher Vollmer announced that we will be seeing Close Castles at the upcoming PlayStation Experience. The game will ...

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Nival announced Blitzkrieg 3


Developer Nival revealed that they are working on their next game: a new addition to their Blitzkrieg series, Blitzkrieg 3, which will be released early next year on PC and Mac. According to the developer, Blitzkrieg 3 paints a realistic picture of World War II, focusing only on the battles that happened in that period. The RTS will put players ...

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Age of Empires Online officially shut down


Age of Empires Online has been officially taken offline. The MMO real-time strategy game, which was a collaboration between Robot Entertainment (formerly Ensemble) and Gas Powered Games, was taken offline today at 4 PM Pacific Time. The announcement comes via their company blog, and ends a run which began with the game’s launch in August 2011. The final statistics stand ...

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