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Halo Online: What is Microsoft Doing?

Halo Online - img: PCGamer

In this day and age, nothing is safe. Because technology is so advanced, it’s nearly impossible to keep files from being leaked onto the Internet. Look at what has happened to Microsoft.  Their attempt to create a Russian exclusive Halo game resulted in the “El Dorito” hack.  The not-so-secret Halo: Online has been leaked. Now, modders are working on making the game available for everyone. ...

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Selfies are a health hazard in Russia

Selfies are a health hazard in Russia

There are many people out there who take satisfaction in taking selfies with their friends, or by themselves, but little do they know that selfies can be a danger to their health. You probably can’t imagine how a selfie would endanger your health, but Russian food regulators say that it’s not only possible, but an extremely real threat. Group selfies ...

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NATO targeted by Russian hackers


Russian hackers have exploited a Microsoft Windows bug so that they could spy on NATO and government computers. The same bug was used to access computers in Ukraine and Poland, as well. NATO doesn’t know what kind of data the hackers were after, or what they managed to access on NATO computers, but supposedly, the Russian hackers were looking for ...

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Far Cry 4: Ubisoft looked at several settings before deciding to go with the Himalayas


Ubisoft says that it took into consideration settings like Russia, South America and a few others before finally deciding that the Himalayan region is where it wanted Far Cry 4 to take place. The company played around with several ideas and also wrote stories for each of the other settings, senior level designer Vincent Ouellette told Eurogamer.  “It wasn’t like, bam, ...

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Billions of credentials stolen by Russian hacking ring


The inevitable always happens when it comes to the internet, a place where your data is never actually safe, no matter how many precautions you take. Privacy is the main concern of many, that’s why we employ the safest mail clients we can find, apps that make our data self-destruct, the safest browsers such as Tor or phone cases that ...

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Kaspersky and Symantec banned in China


Continuing the trend to get rid of foreign software, the Chinese authorities has removed Kaspersky and Symantec from the list of approved software sources of the Central Procurement Center. Conversely it has approved other five security software providers. These are all Chinese companies: Rising, Qihoo 360, CAJinchen, Beijing Jiangmin and Venustech. Symantec representatives have not made any statement as of ...

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Tor users beware!


Alarming new information has come to light from far away Russia about the country’s policy on internet anonymity. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has set a bounty pool on Tor users’ heads. Tor is an anonymizing network, free of charge, originally designed for the U.S. navy and it protects its users from any kind of outside tracking system or ...

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