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Just Cause 3 Gets New Screenshots, New Trailer


Avalanche Studios upcoming AAA title Just Cause 3 is promising to be a smash hit following their huge releases of Just Cause and Just Cause 2, both of which are open-world third person shooters. The gallery, which can be found here, shows off Square Enix’s new game engine, called Luminous (also referred to as “Luminous Studio”), that will not only make games ...

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New Just Cause 3 Screens

New Just Cause 3 new images

Some new Just Cause 3 screens went up thanks to Square Enix, showing off more of the upcoming title. The game looks great, and appears to be in better condition than I would have speculated since it was just announced in early November as a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC title. Avalanche Studios are once again developing the next ...

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New Dragon Age Inquisition screens for your desktop

Dragon Age Inquisition 4 desktop screen

Developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts have released four new screenshots from their upcoming open-ended role-playing title, Dragon Age Inquisition. With less than three weeks until the game’s official release date, these latest screens showcase Dragon Age Inquisition’s main three classes (Warrior, Rogue, and Mage), each battling either ogres, the undead, or (surprise!) a dragon. Yesterday, Executive Producer Mark Darrah ...

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Kingdom Come Deliverance’s early alpha screens are glorious

Kingdom Come Deliverance

The early alpha version of Kingdom Come Deliverance has recently been released to its backers, and Reddit user ‘thatguythatdidstuff’ has captured a batch of stunning screenshots, featuring roads, villages, and forests. As mentioned by designer Daniel Vávra a few weeks ago, the alpha includes one location – a small village – where players can wander around, check out the NPCs’ life-cycle, ...

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Windows 9 can be seen again in new leaked screenshots


Earlier this month we reported that the first image of Windows 9’s start menu was leaked online. Recently two brand new screenshots of the operating system were acquired and posted by Myce. One of these images shows the start menu yet again while the other gives us a first look at how a windowed app looks like. The start menu looks ...

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Civilization Beyond Earth gameplay and new screenshots


Civilization Beyond Earth is the next installment in Sid Meier’s highly acclaimed Civilization series. While previous titles featured a historic setting, the next chapter in the franchise takes place on a much larger scale. In Beyond Earth you’ll be tackling the final frontier in the hopes of forging a new future for the human race. Following a disaster known only as ...

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First screenshots of the PS4 Dragon Ball Z game revealed


It was announced last week that Namco Bandai is working on a brand new Dragon Ball Z game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. The news appeared in the latest issue of V-Jump Magazine which shows well known characters like Goku, Vegeta, Cell, and Frieza. A title for the game was not officially confirmed and the article just mentions that this is the ...

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Crysis 3 running at 8k resolution looks simply amazing


Crysis 3 is a very resource intensive game, especially if all the graphics options are set to high. A lot of GPU’s already struggle to run it at 1920 x 1080, but somebody went beyond that and found a way to set it at 8K resolution. A gamer that goes by the name of K-putt achieved the impressive feat using a ...

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Tales from the Borderlands first screenshots revealed


The first screenshots from the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands were posted on the PlayStation blog a short while ago. The game is being developed by Telltale, best known for creating The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead series. Just like their previous titles, Tales from the Borderlands will also be an episodic graphic adventure game. Telltale explains that ...

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