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Self-driving BMW i3 series can park like professionals


Autonomous cars are getting more and more popular, various companies trying to catch up to Google’s attempts, and they are progressing fast. The newly unveiled self-driving BMW i3 series gathered quite the crowd at CES 2015 showing off a couple of cars that might be better drivers than me. Let me rephrase that: they already are better drivers than I ...

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Tesla announces high performance Model S super car


Tesla unveiled some major new features for its electric Sedans. The company’s CEO and founder Elon Musk also announced a high performance version of the Tesla Model S that will have all wheel drive and go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. There are already other cars on the market that go that fast but they are considered to be ...

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Baidu working on automated vehicles


Google started development on it’s self-driving car running the Chauffeur software and presented a prototype on May28 without padles or a steering wheel. The self-driving car that was tested in the below video still sported these additions, but Google aims at creating a vehicle that doesn’t need you to move a finger to make it go wherever you want it ...

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Google is now officially a car maker


Google is now a car maker! The company unveiled a self-driving car designed not by some car company, but by the Google X labs. The company said that they are planning on building about a hundred of these vehicles. The cars are designed to look as unthreatening as possible so that people are not shocked by the sight of a driver-less car. ...

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