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Final iPhone 6 specs revealed by China Mobile


China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world, has listed the supposed final specs of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 earlier, in the eve of Apple’s announcement event. The smaller iPhone 6 has been up for pre-order on some of China Mobile’s sites for a couple of days now, with certain specs listed and renders of the iPhone 6. We ...

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iCloud security improvements proposed by Apple


With the recent hacking scare that has gone down at iCloud, Apple has admitted that they might have a problem with their iCloud service. Not that anybody had been contempt with the service pre-hacking-incident. Nonetheless, Apple seems to have panicked at the possibility of the iCloud scandal impacting tomorrow’s massive launch event detailing the iPhone 6 or the iPhone Air ...

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iWatch appearance leaks in photos


The iWatch has finally been leaked in a couple of photos that have surfaced online and it looks like it might not be the most impressive thing ever built by Apple. We don’t know whether these photos are actual iWatch-shots, but sources are positive. Right down to it then. Apple’s iWatch has been in the works for a year now, ...

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iPhone 6: hands-on video and images confirm previous leaks


Apple’s iPhone 6 is set to be announced in two days on September 9 the mysterious event the company is organizing at the Flint Center. Even though everybody is waiting in line to see what the new iPhone will look like, we already know a fair deal about the flagship and announcing something truly new at the event would be ...

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Apple to introduce everything on September 9


Yes, you read that right. Rumors say that Apple will introduce every product we’ve heard murmurs about for the past few months, including the iPhone 6 smartphone and phablet, iWatch, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2.  Apple has been in news headlines non-stop for the past week either with its iWatch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iCloud security breach. Apple ...

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iWatch to be released on September 9


The iWatch is becoming more and more controversial by the day. A few days earlier, reports have come that manufacturing and assembly wasn’t going according to plan and some screen issues had arose as well. These rumors have prompted many to believe that iWatch unveiling will be postponed from current October release date to 2015. Now, there’s a new rumor ...

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