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Facebook Riff is a collaborative video project app


Facebook didn’t prank anyone on April Fool’s Day, but they did launch the new Facebook Riff app, a video creation app that is supposed to improve your connection with friends. The new Facebook Riff app is already online in the Google Play Store and the Apple app store, and already has a couple of thousand downloads, not to mention a ...

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Snapchat secretly buys Vergence, who make smart glasses

Snapchat secretly buys Vergence, who make smart glasses

Snapchat has bought Vergence, a company that makes smart glasses in the form of frames that can subtly record video footage. The Snapchat purchase came to light as a consequence of the massive Sony hack which has unveiled this information from the inbox of Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton. Snapchat reportedly spent $15 million in cash and stock for the ...

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Thousands of Snapchat pictures were stolen and posted online by hackers


About 200.000 pictures and videos sent by Snapchat users may have been hacked and stolen. People claiming credit for the theft say they’ll soon post the pictures online and 4chan users have already dubbed it “the Snappening”. Thumbnails were posted on 4chan as proof of this hack, but there is really no further evidence that it actually happened. In any case, security ...

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Selfies app for Android available for free on Google Play


With selfies being ever so popular these days somebody was bound to create an Android app that could help people with that endeavor. Interestingly enough, the app was made by none other than Automattic, the creators of WordPress. One might wonder why this thing hasn’t exploded yet given the massive amount of people that are obsessed with selfies these days. Well, ...

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Snapchat rival Slingshot now available worldwide


Slingshot, Facebook’s answer to the increasingly popular Snapchat, has now launched worldwide. The app was announced on June 18 and was released exclusively in the United States. It is now accessible in all territories and is available to download on iOS and Android. Although Slingshot offers many of the same features as Snapchat it also has a number of unique ...

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Facebook launches the Slingshot photo-sharing app


Yesterday Facebook announced a photo-sharing app called Slingshot. It competes with the likes of Snapchat, but unlike other apps you will only be able to see your friend’s photos and videos after you send something yourself. Facebook says Slingshot is not a Snapchat clone, but if you look at the interface the first thing you do when you open the ...

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Facebook: Poke and Camera apps were removed from the App Store


Did you ever Poke somebody on Facebook? Chances are most people haven’t, this is why the company has decided to remove it completely, along with the Camera which was another barely used app. The interesting thing is that Facebook removed the apps without any announcement whatsoever, but I guess they figured it wouldn’t really matter since nobody was using them ...

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