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Facebook real names doesn’t refer to the name on your ID


Facebook has updated a few of its community standards and guidelines this Sunday to better reflect the purpose of these standards. Among the details that were newly disclosed about the company’s policies, the Facebook real names policy has also been better clarified after backlash against it. According to an official blog post detailing the new community standards, takedown requests and ...

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Facebook is developing a Linkedin rival called [email protected]


Zuckberg and co. have been very busy as of late with finding ways of expanding the service more and more with each passing month. We’ve reported earlier that the social network website recently launched Slingshot, a photo-sharing app surprisingly similar to Snapchat. Lately, word on the street is that Facebook will also be competing with the likes of Linkedin. This upcoming project reportedly ...

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Facebook brings breaking news with FB Newswire


Facebook announced FB Newswire this Thursday, a page containing carefully selected news and certified stories, from all across the social network’s platform. FB Newswire is the result of Facebook’s partnership with the news agency, Storyful, that aggregates all shared news content. Storyful has a team of journalists verifying news as they’re shared all over social media. Due to this new ...

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