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Space Beast Terror Fright: The Alien Game We’ve Been Waiting For


With the disappointment of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the mixed reactions to Alien: Isolation, fans of the Alien franchise, or just alien horror in general, have had a rough time getting a decent game. While Colonial Marines was just an absolute disaster, Isolation bored many people with its repetitive mechanics and stretched-out storyline. An alien horror game needs tension and ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Space Dust Racers


Today’s spotlight is on Space Dust Racers, a racing game inspired by classic party games such as Rock n’ Roll Racing and Micro Machines. The game is developed by Space Dust Studios, an indie company formed by industry veterans with experience on various EA titles such as Battlefield 4 and the Dead Space series. Considering the backgrounds of the developers, ...

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Underground Moon City is a definite possibility with lava tubes


Throughout history, there was always speculation and lore about the underground Moon City as being the home of aliens or humans that have migrated there before our times. Many historians, novelists, artists and entertainers talked and depicted the underground Moon City as something that is a definite possibility and even as a real thing. There are conspiracy theories out there ...

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Civilization Beyond Earth gameplay and new screenshots


Civilization Beyond Earth is the next installment in Sid Meier’s highly acclaimed Civilization series. While previous titles featured a historic setting, the next chapter in the franchise takes place on a much larger scale. In Beyond Earth you’ll be tackling the final frontier in the hopes of forging a new future for the human race. Following a disaster known only as ...

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Eve Online turns 11 years old


The popular – yet very hardcore – MMO Eve Online turned 11 years old today.  To mark the momentous occasion, CCP Games sent out to all players a small “token of gratitude”: three in-game drones called Gecko super heavy drones to help players in their online quest. CCP also announced that eight more drones will be unlocked by the community ...

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