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Aria’s Game of the Year Winners – 2015


As we turn our backs on 2015, it’s time to round up our favorite games of the year. We saw a lot of excellent video games last year, and everybody has their own list of favorites. I thought that a fun way to start off the year would be to share my favorite games of 2015 with you. So, without ...

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Splatoon Review – A Beautiful Mess


Splatoon was a risky choice for Nintendo. Nintendo’s success rests mostly on its existing IP – Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Pokémon are just a few of the massively successful franchises that Nintendo has launched. While we all love these games, there comes a time where risks need to be taken and new avenues explored. That’s what Splatoon is ...

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Splatoon Gets Another Global Testfire


Not too long ago, Nintendo’s promising new IP “Splatoon” was given a global testfire; Nintendo’s name for a beta test, or otherwise brief beta period. This is a smart decision on Nintendo’s part that lets people on the fence about Splatoon see if the game’s for them or not, and the last Global Testfire was received very well. Earlier today, ...

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Splatoon’s Global Testfire Has Won Me Over


I wasn’t 100% sold on Splatoon leading up to this past week with how little we actually knew about it. Sure, the E3 demos looked exciting and the prospect of a shooter from Nintendo was interesting, but it wasn’t quite enough. After the Splatoon-focused Nintendo Direct, my interest grew and my worries lessened. After playing Splatoon in the Global Testfire ...

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Without Zelda, What’s Left for the Wii U This Year?

Zelda Wii U

Nintendo’s console has been struggling to stay relevant for a few years now. Particularly with the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the Wii U has simply become less and less appealing. The console has trouble scoring any exclusive releases and is instead often cut out of games coming out on both the fellow competing systems. ...

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