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New Trailer for Final Fantasy XV Demo

FFXV new trailer

Square Enix has released a trailer for their Final Fantasy XV demo entitled Episode Duscae. The trailer gives some glimpses into the narrative and characters involved in the demo as well as some of the bigger monsters the player will have to face. The trailer for the Final Fantasy XV demo shows a lot of our heroes running around on ...

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Old Characters Return in Bravely Second


Square Enix keeps dropping new tidbits about the upcoming Bravely Second for the 3DS. The latest reveals shed some light on where the old protagonists from Bravely Default will be and how they will feature in the sequel title. Tiz Arrier, the main protagonist of Bravely Default, will be making an appearance in the new title. In the previous game, ...

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More Theatrhythm DLC Comes to Curtain Call


Recently, the Final Fantasy rhythm game has been making music from outside the Final Fantasy catalog available for play through DLC. Recent additions have been popular songs from The World Ends With You, Chrono Trigger, and Bravely Default. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call has been rolling the new content out in installments in both Japan and North America. This installment of ...

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Shinra Technologies proposes cloud-based development solutions


Shinra Technologies, subsidiary of Square Enix, has announced today through their website the launch of the Prototype Accelerator program. The program is aimed at providing experienced developers with the means to easily go through the time consuming and complex task of creating a game prototype. Shinra’s vice-president Jacob Navok says the project has been created for developers who have a track record ...

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No iOS 8 Update for The World Ends With You: Solo Remix


If you were hoping to continue your adventure in The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, hopefully you didn’t update your phone. In a support email, Square Enix has confirmed that the title will no longer be supported on the new iOS 8. If you need the new iOS 8 update, your best option is bugging Apple for a refund. ...

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Square Enix Outsourcing Development for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Noctis Titan

Yesterday at the Taipei Game Show, director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata announced a partnership with XPEC, a Taiwanese development firm. Tabata explained that the outside help was required for finishing the game, since the latest installment of the famous franchise was such a “large scale project.”  Alongside Tabata onstage, XPEC CEO Xu Jinlong and Chairman Aaron Hsu expressed their ...

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Bravely Second Showcases Characters in New Trailer


The sequel to the highly successful Bravely Default showcased a new trailer at the Tokaigi 2015 event. Bravely Second is currently only scheduled for release in Japan in April, but its popularity and most likely inevitable localization means that the teaser is still raring up some worldwide excitement. Bravely Second will be taking place in the same world as its ...

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World of Warcraft vs Final Fantasy XIV

Both World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are looked at

World of Warcraft has been the defining MMORPG for years. It brought the genre to the forefront, and is what many people consider when the subject of MMORPGs comes up. A contender has risen in the MMORPG realm, however: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy XIV is similar to World of Warcraft, and yet it is quite different. Both ...

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Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates the New Year

Celebrate New Year's in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has just celebrated Christmas with a special event. Now, gamers can celebrate the New Year in Final Fantasy XIV with the Heavensturn event. To celebrate the Year of the Ram, Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to receive a number of sheep themed items. Beginning December 31st, players will be able to take ...

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Final Fantasy XIV Gold Saucer Details Released

Final Fantasy XIV Receiving new mini-games

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be receiving its own Golden Saucer area where gamers can hang out and play mini-games. Now, Square Enix has let out a few details on what to expect from this area of the game. In the Gold Saucer, players of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be able to partake in games such ...

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