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Star Citizen to Use Amazon Lumberyard

Star Citizen - the massive crowd-funded space exploration sim - uses Amazon's Lumberyard engine.

Yesterday, on December 23, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) announced that their upcoming and highly anticipated space sims Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will use the Amazon Lumberyard engine. Amazon’s game engine, Lumberyard, is an impressive free AAA engine that not only allows game designers to design incredibly detailed 3D games (as shown by the immaculate screen shots of both games ...

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Star Citizen will allow you to have your very own space pet

Star Citizen has already reached $63 million in funding and is now rapidly cruising towards the $64 million milestone. We’be already talked enough about how this is the most successful crowdfunded project ever and we also talked quite a bit about what you can expect to find in the game, so we’re not going to discuss these aspects again, for ...

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Star Citizen – Q&A With Tony Zurovec

Star Citizen, many things come to mind when the name of the game is brought up. It has one of the biggest crowd funding success stories as of now. With a lot of hype and a lot of announcements, Star Citizen is sure to be a game that many gamers will grab and remember for some time. We got a ...

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Star Citizen is rapidly approaching the $60 million milestone


Star Citizen, the most successful crowdfunded project of all time is still going as strong as ever. The game just reached a jaw-dropping $59 million and will undoubtedly reach the $60 million milestone sometime next month. As impressive as that sounds, it’s even more amazing when you take into consideration the fact that all this money was raised by gamers in ...

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Star Citizen will feature a complex FPS module with realistic mechanics


While Star Citizen is still years away from being fully playable, backers of the ambitious project can already experience the game’s Hangar and Arena Commander modules. The next module is scheduled to be released in early 2015 and will allow for FPS gameplay. During a recent AMA on Reddit, the Star Citizen team talked a bit about this module and revealed some ...

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Star Citizen makes Guinness World Records book

Star Citizen is not even out yet and is already enjoying an incredible amount of gaming media talk. Now, Chris Roberts, the “big daddy” of Star Citizen proudly reports that the game has breached the $55 million mark in development crowdfunding, which puts Star Citizen in the Guinness Book of World Records “not as the largest crowdfunded game of all ...

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Star Citizen: The Ultimate MMO

Cloud Imperium Games and Robert Space Industries are planning to bring to the table a smashing game changer with their upcoming PC title, Star Citizen. Game director, Chris Roberts claims that Star Citizen is one of the hugest MMO space simulator projects the gaming world has ever seen. His claims seem to be backed up by the millions of dollars ...

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