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DayZ coming to the PS4, this will help the game’s PC version says Dean Hall


Gamescon has been the scene of some interesting reveals and announcements. Surprisingly (and disappointingly, I might add), the sequel to the brilliant Tomb Raid, Rise of the Tomb Raider has been revealed to be an Xbox One exclusive. Not all announcements had a negative connotation though. Fans of survival games were pleasantly surprised to hear something many of us have ...

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is coming to PC via Steam


Remember when we reported that PC gamers were asking Hideo Kojima for a version of Metal Gear Solid HD for their platform of choice? Well, Kojima still hasn’t replied, but there’s even better news. Konami revealed on their website yesterday that both Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will have a PC release and ...

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Create your own Android gamepad with only $15


For those of you that don’t have gamepads available at home or anywhere else for that matter,  as you might still wake up to feeling in the mood for some gaming, there is a new option to turn your Android operating smart gadget into a gamepad without having to spend the extra cash to buy a dedicated controller. Ideum has thought ...

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Save Winston Churchill in the latest Sniper Elite 3 DLC


After allowing you to assassinate Hitler, Sniper Elite 3 now demands that you save none other than the British Prime Minister himself, Winston Churchill. The appropriately named Save Churchill DLC comes in three parts, the first of which is already available on Steam with the others to follow later this summer. In order to save the Prime Minister you will have ...

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Portal 2 mod Aperture Tag available on Steam, adds new campaign


Remember the awesome bouncy gel from Portal 2? Well, now there’s an entire mod revolving around it and it was just made available on Steam. Entitled Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative, this mod adds a brand new campaign to Portal 2, a new fully voiced character, 27 new maps, new soundtrack, in-game editor, and more. But the most interesting ...

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Free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall launches July 29th


Red 5 Studios will finally launch Firefall on July 29th, more than a year since the game entered open beta. Firefall is a free-to-play MMO shooter only available for PC and playable via Steam once released. Just like many other FTP titles, this one also features microtransactions, although most of these are merely cosmetic or convenience items so this game doesn’t live by ...

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Half Life 3 “confirmed” in the most unusual of places


Readers of the automotive website Jalopnik got a pretty awesome deal last month. For a certain number of dollars they were able to support the 24-hour Nürburgring endurance car race that takes place in Germany. Pitching in naturally came with some benefits including the option of having your name written on the wing or roof of a car. One genius contributor, aptly ...

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